story fam

story fam

Monday, November 17, 2008


Well it is lightly snowing-gorgeous!! Emmy, Rusty, and I went outside for some fresh air and the snow flakes started to gently fall. Emmy and I stuck out our tongues to try and catch some flakes. We enjoyed some outside time and then came in for some hot chocolate. Her rosy, pink cheeks were so sweet. These are precious days that I am spending with Emmy. This laid back routine for she and I will be over so quickly. Preschool today, but as a friend pointed out you blink and they are engaged to be married. Today I am enjoying the little things...playing barbies, getting out one tub of Christmas decorations, pushing Emmy on the swing, drinking hot cocoa and licking off my chocolate mustache. These are all really good things!!! Definately benefits of being here at home snuggled in while it is cold out.

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A.V.A said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I miss snow.